08 November 2010



I don't know if all of you have noticed but I've already started a new blog, check it out!!
(all photos from ALLTHATSTYLE)

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26 July 2010


Hey guys! I've just started a new blog, check it out!


xxx Nadine

29 August 2009

Jest for fun

I love experimenting with different looks and styles,
and as I haven't found my signature look/style yet, I'll keep
experimenting till I've found it. I had work today
and I decided to go for the quirky geek/jester look.

Dress: vintage
Cardigan: topshop
Boots : primark
Glasses: ebay

14 July 2009

Today's outfit

Hey people!
I'm quite excited today cause I'm going to Thorpe park with a few friends tomorrow!
Will be my first time hehe.
Here's today's outfit:

Blazer: select
Bag: Dorothy Perkins
White tee: Topshop
Heels: Select

xo xo

12 July 2009

You can't stop the beat

Hey people!
Sorry I haven't been updating very much, I'm just really busy with school+work!
So my school has decided what they are going to do for the whole-school drama production, which is held every year in december- hairspray!! I'm so excited!! The auditions are in september and I want to audition for the main part haha. Though a lot of (talented) people have put their names down for the role that I really, really want, which means I've got quite a bit of competition, haha.

Sorry for the rubbish photos! I'm a rubbish poser and my sister is a rubbish photographer haha!
Wearing: playsuit(topshop), denim shirt(topshop), black tights(primark) and black ankle boots(topshop.

08 July 2009

Real people, real inspiration

Hey people! Sorry I havent been on here very much lately, I have been quite busy, mostly school work, spending time with friends and working.
So the way I spend my time on the internet is mostly like this:
facebook, MSN, ellegirlforum, perezhilton, youtube, blogs and lookbook.
I usually get my fashion inspiration from blogs and lookbook.
Below are some of my favorite outfits atm:

All from lookbook.nu

Which one is YOUR favorite?

xo xo

03 July 2009

All the things a girl should know...

Hey people!
Have quite a funny story to tell, today I went to the park with my sister and I thought it would be 'cool' if she would take a photo of me sitting in a tree. So I climbed up a tree in my little heels and managed to sit on a branch. My sister then took a photo from below and told me to lean a bit more forward, so I did, but then I kind of lost my balance and fell off! My sister was in fits cause she captured a picture of me falling off the branch. I was going to post it on here, but it is sooo embarresing haha.
Today's outfit.

xo xo